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Популярный рингтон XG - WOKE UP из категории Иностранный рэп и хип-хоп / Рэп и хип-хоп можно бесплатно Скачать в mp3 формате на андроид (Android), или Скачать в m4r для айфона (iPhone, iOS). Сначала Вы можете его прослушать, а потом смело качайте на свой смартфон. Прокачай телефон топовым хитом, установи новую мелодию на звонок и выделись из толпы. Будь в тренде!
Теги: #XG, # Hip-Hop, #Rap, # 2024
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Yeah, I've been here waitin' lookin' at 'em
Tryna catch up, take it how you wanna take it
Left the place in panic, left to take another planet
Left to make another statement

XG, baby, say the names right, spell it out so you can learn it
You can smell the tires when they turnin'
You can smell the fire when it's burnin'

You can tell we all made it work for us, made it, but we had to work for it
Work, work, work, so perfect, that it hurt, don't it? Surf on 'em
Right away, ride the wave, ride away 'cause we had the right of way
Bye-bye-bye, flyin' past then we fly away into outer-space

Drop top in a coupe outside when I hop up outta this plane
Look at my fit right now when I just walked outta my bed
Fix my hair, fix my make-up on the way
Bound to the next stop, bound for the great, make 'em bow down to the X, uh

A little more than ordinary honorary, underestimated, leavin' all you broke
I'm the judge and jury, I don't wanna hear it, I'm the one they fearin', keep it on the low
This is automated, I'm the motivator, told my haters, "Yo, more the merrier"
Y'all my entertainment fascinated, I'm just laughin' 'cause it's so hilarious

Little girl with a big mouth, uh, small group with a big house, yeah
Big watch on the wrist now, uh, I just thought of that flow now, just now
Put a little more down for the buss down, went on tour on a bus and tore the bus down
Everythin' custom now, fans rushin' out, security had to push me out

48 laws of power, little girl with a big motor on a kid though, mhm
Watch me rip though, watch me snap like Motorola flip phone, mhm
I don't wanna hit you this hard on an intro, bring that bounce like 6-4
Find me in Tokyo, rappin' in a skirt, are you catchin' my drift, though?

Woke up lookin' like this, so don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this
Woke up lookin' like this, so don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this

Yeah, light flex go easy (wow), tag it up, graffiti
Drop a pin or addy, that's where I'll go (go), rip the show and that's all I know
I'm super visioned, y'all just built on superstitions
Watch me do everythin', everywhere, all at once, all the time, all around the world

Woke up lookin' like this (wow), so don't get under my skin (don't)
X-G-A-L-X, and that's the name of this ship (and that's it)
Den mother, mother wolf, so don't make fun of my kids
We all fam' and stand tall now, so don't talk down on my kin, hey

Welcome to the party, floatin' like it's Mardi Gras, yeah
You can call me HARVEY, but I'm not your barbie doll, yeah
Hardy-hardy, huh, laughin' at 'em while we blast away
Black on, black on, black, outfits all packed away (packed away)

C to the O-C-O, that's me, Lord, have mercy
Young Queen, but I act like an unnie, young blood, but I'm built like an OG (yeah)
Gotta lift weight for the bags (bags), lookin' real fit for the mags (mess)
And I'm a wolf in a pack (pack), so I just woof and attack (uh-huh)

Woke up lookin' like this, so don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this
Woke up lookin' like this, so don't get under my skin
Woke up lookin' like this
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