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Ilse DeLange - Tainted

Жанр: Поп
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Ilse DeLange - Tainted
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  • Добавлено: 02.06.2024
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Ilse DeLange - Tainted
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Ilse DeLange - Tainted
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Thought I found the real me when I met you
A different sky above me out of the blue
I thought you were just painting new pictures on my walls
With every stroke you tainted my heart after the fall

I got a tainted heart
I got a tainted heart

Both our hearts are traveling with a strong mind
Heavy road companions, just not the same kind
While I was fully in it, you were halfway out
Your concept of forever
Don't know what that's about

I got a tainted heart
Got a tainted heart

Only passing through
Always somewhere new that's calling you
Something I could never do
Without a place to come back to

Guess I found the real me and I know its true
Though all our dreams have faded, I still think of you
From time to time

With a tainted heartI got a tainted heart
A tainted heart
Got a tainted heart
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