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The Green - I'm Yours

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The Green - I'm Yours
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The Green - I'm Yours
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The Green - I'm Yours
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So girl whatchya gonna do...
Can't you see it that i'm wanting for you.
You got me going crazy and you know its true
Playing silly games without me knowing the rules
Now girl I know you've been a little confused
You can't decide which guy to choose
No other man can love you like i do
And deep inside i know you love me to.

I'm your's pretty girl,
Save me from this world of confusion,
Lady can't you see you were
Sent to me for a reason

Oh girl only time will say,
Whether or not you chose to swing my way
I give you love each and every day
Make you smile when in clouds of gray
Now girl i'm going to treat you like a queen
The fact you've got a son doesn't change a thing
It's cool with me because I'll provide for three
Oh baby girl why won't you stay with me

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