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Delilah Bon - War On Women
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Delilah Bon - War On Women
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A war on women is a war on us all
They'll poison the water like they poisoned our souls
A war on colour is a war on us all
They hate who is different, they kill what is small

Wake up like every other day, start again
I'm so lucky for a family and a couple friends
Years ago I'd think by now I'd just be dead
The way the school system got in my head
I saw no point in trying when I could die
Spend my time in heaven up in the sky
With no pain

That's why it felt so strange now just looking out
To a crowd of people just screaming out
Looking at me like some kind of only hope
For a generation of kids alone
And I know how they feel looking at me cause
I remember the nights I spent crying cause
I was never accepted when I was young
But the woman inside me has just begun

A war on women is a war on us all
The ice caps are melting like the good in us all
A war on gender is a war on us all
They hate what is different and they kill what is small

You're lucky to wake up and be yourself
Without having to fight for your mental health
Being born in a body that feels your own
While others will suffer these homophobes
If your son says he feels gay, he is gay
Would you rather his whole life be thrown away
What's it matter if some boys just fall in love
There's enough straight guys where I look
And your daughter aint' daddy's boy anymore
She stopped wanting you to say that when she was 4
You know she wanted you to notice but you never did
You were scared of people talking about your trans kid
You would rather no one knew about your problems cause
Your reputation matters more than your daughter does
Wow many kids are looking up at their parents for
The permission to just be who they are
And in this world you got so much hatred
I wonder why you'd want to create it
I just wish I could reach out and love you all
Every shape, size and colour's beautiful
With no respect for mother earth or animals
The planets lungs are burning it's terrible
But we would rather fight about who is who
How you identify, make each other miserable
We don't deserve this world

A war on women is a war on us all
The water is rising like the fear in us all
The war on our planet is a war on us all
They hate what is different, they kill what is small
The war on our future, the war on us all
We gotta keep fighting for what makes us whole
No pain
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